6 Reasons That Can Get Partnership Visitor Visa Denied

When applying for any type of visa, certain conditions must be met, some of them are not to have any cause of inadmissibility or cause of ineligibility for the visa you are applying for. Failure to comply with these requirements is cause for the visa to be denied.

Being inadmissible or ineligible can cause the visa to be denied, not renewed, or even a visa that you already have may be canceled. These grounds can also cause an immigration officer to deny you entry to the country, even if you have a valid partnership visitor visa.

In this article, we will talk about the grounds of ineligibility, which, although they are easier to solve than the grounds of inadmissibility, are worth keeping in mind when visiting a consulate or embassy to apply for a partnership visitor visa.

Keep in mind that the discretion or point of view of immigration officials is a very important factor when granting a visa, and it is for this reason that if two people have the same cause of ineligibility, the officer can deny the partnership visitor visato one and granting it to another, and for this, they can take into account many other factors or not.


  1. Long visits or extension requests. Your visa can be denied if requests for long stays or requests for extensions make consular officers or immigration agents suspect in ports that they are working illegally, they are not on the right visa (studying on a partnership visitor visa) or they no longer have strong ties to your country of origin.
  2. Officer problems. Consular officers or immigration agents may have difficulties, due to language problems or experience problems, some may deny a visa or entry for suspicion when there really is no basis for it.
  3. Pretend to obtain a tourist visa for very long stays. This raises suspicions about whether they have strong ties to the country of origin or not, or that it is suspected that they intend to work or study with a tourist visa, which is not allowed, and therefore the visa is denied.
  4. Have the profile of people who remain illegally in the country. If the consular officer suspects that the person intends to stay illegally, he has the power to deny the visa for reasons of ineligibility. It is the duty of the applicant to demonstrate that this type of suspicion is not real.
  5. Participate in the diversity lottery. Participating in the lottery is not usually the cause for a visa to be denied, but if the consular officer considers, in a discretionary manner, that the person does not intend to respect the conditions of the partnership visitor visa and / or does not intend to return to his country, he may deny it.
  6. Document problems, including fraud. The documents that are presented in the interviews must be correctly filled out. Especially, they must be authentic, including the references for employment, extracts, and patrimonial tests. If the officer suspects that they are not real, they can either leave the visa approval pending for further investigation or they can deny it. However, if fraud is proven, the visa is denied immediately and the problems in the future are more complicated.

6 Benefits Of Hiring An Immigration Consultant

It is very easy to know if an agent or a consultant has a valid license issued by the Regulatory Council. It’s just necessary to differentiate the good ones.

Many people aspire to know some kind of ranking or indicator forthe probability of success on some official site about those who work as an immigration adviser. Unfortunately, this tool does not exist and is not legally possible, since the government could not display this type of data for privacy, much less express any type of preference.

Considerations To Take Into Account Before This Decision

Normally those who assure that hiring a consultant is unnecessary, most likely have entered the country a long time ago. As of today, there are so many regulations, explicit and complex requirements that it is no longer just about interpreting the new immigration laws, which are constantly changing, but giving it the correct interpretation and then having the authority to enforce them before the officials who attend to your case.

Many people choose digital means to obtain immigration information because here they find what they need for free, after the popular illusion that to achieve their residence they only need the power of the internet and thus could complete their migration process. But it isn’t so easy.

For example,If you had a legal problem, would you appear before a judge without an attorney? An immigration adviser will be your official representation before the immigration authorities.

6 Benefits Of Hiring An Immigration Consultant

Strategy: When evaluating your profile or your family group, an experienced consultant will detect the most likely route for you to obtain the immigration status you are applying for. Avoid having your application rejected for wrong decisions.

Peace of mind: The strict procedures required to be followed by these procedures demand an expert’s hands to comply. Especially when we must use alternatives to prove particular elements of our immigration application.

Counseling: The experienced perspective and with knowledge of the current laws, allows the immigration adviser who represents you before the immigration ministry to offer you the most appropriate recommendations during each moment of your procedure. Accompaniment is the key to success.

Approach: Maintaining the discipline required to carry out this type of purpose is necessary. A consultant, through his administrative skills and experience, will be attentive to ensuring that you meet deadlines and terms in each phase of the process.

Contacts: When you have a person you trust in the country you are moving to, you can carry out activities that you would otherwise only be able to do once you are in the country. The network of contacts that you would have thanks to the management of your immigration adviser, will be an invaluable help in your future project.

Experience: Having many years doing this work, having the privilege of knowing the law and interpreting it properly; having faced different types of cases, and the security of achieving success in immigration processes, is an advantage that you can only enjoy with the advice of a good immigration adviser. Each case is different and it takes a lot of practice to achieve, in a reasonable time, the goal of being accepted as a permanent resident.